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Football Betting Tips – What is a betting tip?

The term football betting tip refers to a strong piece of information on the likely winners of sporting events. The internet allows the tips to be sold easily and quickly, unlike in the past. A betting tip is normally suggested by a third party with years of betting experience. The aim is to beat the bookies by being more knowledgeable and picking up on trends in the betting markets.

Tipsters are found in all sports and will usually work in the environment that allows them to receive information. This information is not available publicly, though football betting tips has its own reliable sources. The football betting tipsters also provide good results through analysis of freely accessible information combined with unique software.

The tipsters used by the football betting team aim to bring you value from your bets by strong research and estimations. The outcome of a match can be compared with relevant bookmaker odds and our own estimated odds. If a clear gap is identified between both odds then we class this as value and will proceed to recommend this as a tip.

Why use football betting tips?

With a small investment we can help build up your betting purse quickly with minimum risk. Many people do not understand betting principles and simply place random bets on high odd results, which is great if you win but 90% of the time you lose. We encourage the use of a betting bank strategy by using a percentage of winnings to fund the next bet. Don’t be a loser take what is yours from the bookies, be a winner with football betting tips!

What are football betting tips?

In soccer, football betting tips can occur when a result is decided before the match. This can be complete or a partial result which is less obvious, although both are violations of the law. These games are the results of teams or individuals being paid off to sacrifice the result for a financial gain. A football betting tip is not just a simple loss anymore, other techniques such subbing off key players and fake injuries are used. In some situations players will get themselves sent off to allow the opposing team to capitalize.

What can football betting tips offer?

All our football betting tips come from strong statistical information and directly from our anonymous sources.  The football betting tips team has the ability to monitor trends in the betting market through our own customized software. This enables us to deliver highly accurate tips to our customers who reap the benefit through winnings.

The tips at football betting tips are priced  starting at £199 for 3 months, which is competitive in comparison to our competitors. When we can help you build a large betting purse this is only really a small fee and a great investment to your betting profile. On the rare occasion your tip fails the football betting tips team will supply you with tips until you win. We aim to keep customers happy with the service and continue adding to our already growing reputation.

About our football betting tips?

  • Our tips are priced competitively at £199 for 3 months, which is lower than most competitors.
  •  We offer discounts every so often so check the website for information.
  • We sell 2-3 tips at each time on the website (daily during peak season).
  • We sell membership packages which give you more value per tip!
  • We offer no free trials or tips etc, this is a select service.
  • Sometimes we do offer special offers and discounts, look out for them.

Payment Methods

You may buy tips today with bank transfer and this is the only payment method we accept at the current time. We will not send allow access to the bet panel before the payment is confirmed, so please don’t ask.

The Best Service

The aim is to provide you with quality football betting tips, please check our website to see what customers think about the service.  We do not give away free tips or trials but sometimes offer discounts and special offers, so look out. Our service is becoming very popular and we have many loyal customers from all across the world. Buy tips today and start your money making adventure with football betting tips, the best football tips on the web!


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